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Pongal Competition Recipes | 46 Pongal Meals Recipes

Get 46 Pongal competition recipes curated specifically for you, which includes of lunch, sweets and snacks recipes. This record largely incorporates South Indian recipes which can be often made or will be made through the well-liked Pongal competition.

vector image illustrating pongal festival details

What’s Pongal

Pongal is a harvest competition celebrated within the state of Tamil Nadu from 14 January to 17 January. Pongal competition is devoted to the Solar God (Surya Bhagwan) and is likely one of the most vital competition for the individuals from Tamil Nadu.

On the identical date (14th January), the competition of Makar Sankranti can be celebrated throughout India in varied methods. Each these festivals are celebrated through the harvest time and likewise alerts the top of winters.

They’re celebrated by farmers as a day of thanksgiving to solar god for his or her ample crops. so it’s the time of pleasure in addition to gratitude. Individuals alternate sweets and have fun the competition with lot of pleasure and happiness.

About Pongal Competition Meals Assortment

This assortment has largely South Indian recipes which can be made throughout Pongal competition. Many of the recipes listed under are made with out onion and garlic.

Nevertheless, in case if any recipe has onion or garlic, then you may skip them when getting ready for the Pongal competition or for the deities.

This Pongal competition assortment has recipes that may be made for major course in addition to snack recipes and candy recipes.

Wishing a Joyful Pongal Competition to all our readers who have fun.

Pongal Competition Lunch

1. Ven Pongal – Common South Indian breakfast made with rice and yellow moong lentils.

ven Pongal recipe

2. Sweet Pongal – Candy porridge like dish made with rice and mung lentils, flavored with cardamoms and dry fruits. Candy Pongal is often known as sakkarai Pongal in tamil language is a candy dish made throughout festive events in south India.

sweet Pongal recipe

3. Rava Pongal – Wholesome breakfast recipe of Pongal made with rava and moong dal. Rava Pongal will be served with Coconut chutney, Mango Pickle or Curd. Although you may as well have Pongal with Sambar.

rava Pongal recipe

4. Chakkara Pongal –  A variation of candy Pongal that’s made with rock sugar or sugar sweet. Sugar sweet can be recognized “mishri” in hindi. You possibly can even use common sugar to make this Pongal.

chakkara Pongal recipe

5. Tamarind Rice – Common South Indian recipe of a tangy, bitter & spiced rice. The recipe dish is often known as puliyodharai in tamil language.

tamarind rice recipe

6. Curd Rice – A well-liked South Indian rice selection that’s served with a South Indian meal or South Indian thali.

curd rice recipe

7. Bisi Bele Bath – One of the vital well-liked conventional rice-lentil-vegetable dish from the Karnataka delicacies. bisi bele tub is so well-liked that you just get it so simply within the South Indian eating places in bangalore.

bisi bele bath recipe

8. Lemon Rice – Crunchy, flavorful and bitter rice recipe from south India. this lemon rice dish is likely one of the best to make. Already cooked or steamed rice is combined with a spiced lemon and peanut combination.

lemon rice recipe

9. Coconut Rice – Gentle and light-weight South Indian coconut rice often known as thengai sadam. tastes finest with freshly grated coconut. However you need to use frozen coconut too.

coconut rice recipe

10. Arachuvitta Sambar – Tasty combine vegetable sambar made with roasted & floor sambar masala. Arachuvitta sambar is made in tambrahm properties. So a tamil brahmin specialty. This sambar recipe is with out onions and garlic. Additionally no sambar powder is added.

arachuvitta sambar recipe

11. Idli – Idli is a conventional breakfast made in each South Indian family. It style yum when served with Coconut Chutney or Sambar. there are a lot of Varieties of Idli recipes made like Rava Idli or Poha Idli or Kanchipuram Idli or Kotte Kadubu.

idli recipe

12. Poricha Kuzhambu – A wholesome and scrumptious combine veggie primarily based lentil gravy made with coconut+spice paste. The lentils used are tuvar dal (pigeon pea lentils). Although even moong lentils can be utilized.

poricha kuzhambu

13. Tomato Rice – Spicy South Indian tomato rice. to cut back the spiciness, simply use much less quantities of ginger-garlic paste, black pepper and pink chili powder.

tomato rice recipe

14. Ghee Rice – Fragrant one pot rice made with ghee and spices from the South Indian delicacies.

ghee rice recipe

Sweets for Pongal Competition

1. Til ke Ladoo – Easy recipe of ladoo ready with sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts and desiccated coconut. On this until ladoo recipe, I’ve cooked the jaggery syrup to a delicate ball stage. So this provides the ladoo a delicate and chewy texture. You can even cook dinner the jaggery syrup to exhausting ball stage and you’re going to get agency and dense ladoos.

til ke ladoo recipe

2. Til Gud ke Ladoo – Scrumptious ladoo made with sesame seeds and jaggery. that is a kind of wholesome ladoo that not solely has sesame seeds, but additionally has peanuts and desiccated coconut. An easy recipe and inside half an hour the ladoo will likely be prepared.

til gud ke ladoo recipe

3. Kadalai Paruppu Payasam – a scrumptious candy dessert made with coconut milk, chana dal and jaggery.

chana dal payasam recipe

4. Bobbatlu Recipe – Bobbatu or puran poli is likely one of the sweets that’s made throughout festivals. In Telugu language, puran polis are often known as bobbatlu or bobbatu. In Kannada language, they’re referred to as Holige or obbattu.

puran poli recipe

5. Unniyappam – these are candy fritters made with rice, banana, a couple of spices and coconut. Unniyappam is a kind of particular sweets snacks from Kerala and are additionally served within the Onam sadya. unniyappam are additionally provided as prasad in some temples in Kerala.

Kerala unniyappam recipe

6. Poornam Boorelu – this is likely one of the hottest candy snack from Andhra delicacies. These are deep fried snacks made with a stuffing of chana dal+jaggery and coated with rice+urad dal batter.

poornam boorelu recipe

7. Sabudana Payasam – That is the South Indian model of Sabudana Kheer. this candy creamy dessert can be referred to as as javvarisi payasam in tamil language.

sabudana payasam

8. Maladu Recipe – Fast, simple and attractive variant of ladoo comprised of roasted gram or roasted chana dal.

maa ladoo recipe

9. Rava Kheer – A fast, simple and attractive kheer made with semolina or sooji. will get performed in about 20 minutes and is so easy that even a beginner could make it simply.

sooji kheer recipe

10. Aval Payasam – Scrumptious poha payasam made with flattened rice, ghee and milk.

aval payasam poha kheer recipe

11. Kesari – simple to arrange scrumptious rava kesari recipe or what we name Sooji Halwa. few extra kesari recipes which you can also make for Pongal competition are:

rava kesari

12. Rava Ladoo – Straightforward, fast and attractive recipe of ladoos made with semolina and coconut. Will get performed in 20 minutes.

rava ladoo

13. Semiya Payasam – This is likely one of the best sweets that may be made for any festive event. the North Indian countepart of semiya payasam is Seviyan kheer.

semiya payasam recipe

14. Mysore Pak – Tremendous scrumptious and a preferred candy from mysore. It’s made with simply three major components – besan, ghee and sugar. This soften within the mouth wealthy candy is so referred to as as its was invented within the kitchens of the mysore palace.

mysore pak recipe

15. Boondi Ladoo – A scrumptious and well-liked Indian candy comprised of besan (gram flour) batter. One other comparable ladoo selection is Motichoor ladoo.

boondi ladoo recipe

16. Badam Halwa – South Indian model scrumptious badam halwa recipe. the recipe offers a extremely good badam halwa, which has the suitable sweetness and a beautiful texture which isn’t delicate and agency. However type of between. One which supplies a heavenly feeling whenever you savor the halwa.

badam halwa recipe

17. Rice Payasam – Candy, creamy South Indian kheer or pudding made with milk and rice. You can even verify this Moong Dal Payasam.

rice payasam recipe

18. Peanut Ladoo – A two ingredient simple recipe of ladoo made with roasted peanuts and jaggery.

peanut ladoo recipe

19. Coconut Ladoo – These are soften within the mouth coconut ladoo and I share two methods to make them.

coconut ladoo recipe with condensed milk

20. Coconut Barfi – A straightforward step-by-step recipe of coconut barfi made with condensed milk.

coconut barfi recipe

21. Whole Wheat Appam – Fast, candy appams made with entire wheat flour, bananas and jaggery.

whole wheat appam recipe

22. Puran Poli – Flat bread full of a candy lentil filling comprised of skinned spilt bengal gram/chana dal and jaggery.

puran poli recipe

Savory Snacks

1. Butter Murukku – Easy, simple recipe of butter murukku. Murruku is the South Indian variation of the chakli that’s made in maharashtra and Gujarat.

butter murukku recipe

2. Dal Vada – Yum and a favourite South Indian snack made with chana dal or bengal gram. You possibly can serve chana dal vada with Coconut Chutney or Coriander Chutney or Mint Chutney or Tomato Ketchup.

chana dal vada recipe

3. Coconut Chutney – Fast to arrange coconut chutney recipe that goes extraordinarily effectively with idli, dosa, uttapam and medu vada. I share two tasty coconut recipes on this hyperlink.

coconut chutney recipe

4. Ribbon Pakoda – A scrumptious variation of murukku and is often known as ribbon murukku, ola pakoda and nada thenkuzhal. These crisp fried ribbon formed savory snack is simple to arrange and tastes good too.

ribbon pakoda recipe

5. Omapodi – A scrumptious and crispy South Indian snack of sev laced with the fragile aroma and taste of ajwain or carom seeds. In tamil language they’re referred to as as omam.

omapodi recipe

6. Kara Boondi – A spiced model of boondi and a combination consisting of boondi, peanuts, cashews, curry leaves and some spices.

kara boondi recipe spicy boondi

7. Punugulu Recipe – Punugulu or punukulu are crisp fried snack from the Andhra delicacies. These fritters are made with Idli batter or Dosa batter.

punugulu recipe

8. Medu Vada – Crispy, delicate and fluffy donut formed fritters made with urad dal batter. These deep fried fritters are popularly often known as medu vadai or minapa garelu.

ulundu vada recipe

9. Chakli – Crispy and crunchy chakli recipe. Chakli is a deep fried snack comprised of rice flour, gram flour, wheat flour or a combination of lentil flours.

instant chakli recipe

This Pongal Competition Recipes assortment from the archives first revealed in January 2018 has been republished and up to date on January 2022.

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